Our Location

The Droomfabriek is situated in a unique location.

In the centre of the Netherlands, on the moor, in the village of Radio Kootwijk near Apeldoorn. After a short walk from the parking lot, you will see our historical Building C.


Radio Kootwijk

Radio Kootwijk originated about 90 years ago out of a need to make connections in technology. Now we can and want to use this building for meaningful encounters.


Plant Power

Our hosts and hostesses are always happy to help by making a biologically responsible and delicious lunch for you, brimming with ‘plant power’. We try to inspire both our guests and ourselves to consciously, eat fewer animals.


Of course, we serve delightful tea and a great cup of coffee.


Climate Control

Our inspiring meeting rooms need a pleasant warmth. One way we contribute to climate control is by heating our building with a pellet stove, which runs on wood pellets. We made this choice because it makes us CO2-neutral.


Our location is like a well-fitting jacket perfect for development processes. We hope that you as a guest also experience it in this way.


Feel welcome to come over!


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