Deutsche Bahn (The Accelerator campus)

Deutsche Bahn is the NS of Germany, but with 300,000 employees. A new interpretation of the HR function, from traditional P&O function to HR business partner is desired.

The HR community encompasses 20,000 people. As you will understand this is a pervasive process of change Different project teams have been defined. Due to the complexity of the project they experience frustration, lack of focus and success.


The Accelerator Campus

The approach we chose is the ‘Accelerator Campus’.

In a two-day program that is organised every quarter, we invite 50 project members and 50 managers/employees of DB. We pick 5 themes per campus that are ‘cross-project’ and that require a high level of acceptance from the user, for example the HR portal (an alternative online HR tool that managers have to use). The project groups HR functions, IT and change management are then made responsible for this.


Design thinking and Experimental Exercises

We empower the project members using the techniques of design thinking and experiential exercises. We force breakthroughs and speed up the projects. Also by allowing the users of the outcome of the projects to co-create we discover new solutions.


We also hold a ‘dragons den’ at the end of every campus, different solutions are pitched and adopted by the project board.


Dutch Pragmatism

Dutch pragmatism and the ability to create a sparkling and surprising program are a success. However, it remains challenging to hold on to the energy, because new complexity is presenting itself. We will soon have the opportunity to work with the project board. Then we go next level.

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