In 2011, Unilever decided to close the Prodent/Zendium factory and relocate the production to France.

With the move 55 jobs were lost. Previous collaborations with closure trajectories (Calvé and Knor) made Unilever decide to put us into contact with the MT in Amersfoort, to help them with the process.

Proudly out of the door and into the future with confidence.

We believe that even in these adverse situations, you can work from a dream, a desire. The dream was encompassed in the sentence: “Proudly out of the door and with confidence into the future!”.


Employees were after invited to give their interpretation.


A lot of initiatives were picked up, for example a book was made about their history with pictures of all the employees; a film about the closing process; machines were dismantled and rebuilt in France etc.


The big difference is that these initiatives were not imposed, they came from the people themselves. The dream challenged them.


If you want to be true to the dream, with what attitude are you going to dismantle that machine?

Perhaps angrily, throwing everything into a crate and withholding the essentials. Or with pride, dismantle it yourself, help to rebuild in France and help the operators to get everything running. We chose the latter one. As a result, production was up to a standard in a way that Unilever had never experienced before.

We have made something positive of something negative.
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