Defining a purpose takes courage. Are you ready?

We gladly take your organisation on a purposeful journey, in which we teach you how to grow your social impact, profit margin and employees.

We visit purpose-driven organisations such as Moyee Coffee, The Dutch Weedburger, Patagonia and Unilever to inspire you and show you how these market leaders manage to anticipate new developments.


We are going to dig into the DNA of your organisation. Which valuable lessons are hidden in your founding story? With what intention, besides making a profit, was your organisation created? We take a look at what we call ‘the inconvenient truth’ of your organisation. What is the greatest injustice in the market, industry or world you live?


We let you get acquainted with new organisation formations such as Holacracy and Agile. All of these insights will come together in a closing two-day program, in which the managing team, together with leaders from your organisation, formulate a purpose.

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