Inspirational journey: Taste the future in Berlin.

Berlin is a time machine; you can already taste everything that is possible and where the developments are heading.

We are in Berlin because we want to be situated there. Berlin, as a European city of start-ups, gives a view of future organisational forms. The city is in a permanent state of renewal. The Droomfabriek wants to be in the middle of it, to be inspired by all new developments and to help make the difference, on a small and large level.


Berlin is a playground of business models, organisational forms, and innovations. For every conceivable industry, several start-ups in Berlin deal with the disruption of the current business model. In Berlin you will meet your future competitors and partners.

Inspirational journey

De Droomfabriek organises tailor-made inspiration trips for leadership teams. On the basis of the challenges you have or the ambitions you set yourself, we introduce you to start-ups, organisations, and experts that will help to expand your life and your thinking. During your stay, we help you translate your insights into tangible initiatives that you can take home.

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