Leadership Development

A lot of companies are experiencing that change and complexity is steadily increasing.

That means that leaders have to trust more and more in the ability of their employees. The leader’s job entails, giving them direction and space, keeping order and helping them out.

Put differently: leaders determine the borders (‘why’ and ‘what’), in which employees get autonomy. It is important that the leaders are capable enough to be there AND let others shine.


Today’s leaders create links between people because they know that is where the magic happens to get to a higher level.


We like helping the leaders in their challenges. We take them on a journey in which they will come to face their own leadership. We teach them how to control and let go, about empowering others, about creating connections through teamwork, about leading from the head and the heart and about seeing differences as fuel for change and development. The development of the organisation and for those that work there.


Our sources of inspiration include books such as ‘Reinventing Organisations’ by Frederique Laloux and ‘De Tekens Verstan’ by Morten Hjort and Wibe Veenbaas.

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