Team Development

We are great with teams. We are aware that teams are formed of diverse individuals that work together towards a larger aim.

We know how you can become and remain a high performing team, how to be capable of performing under pressure and producing efficient results while simultaneously individuals remain integral to the team.

As a team, you will ask, what is your aspiration? What impact do you want to create? What can you influence and what (do you) not? How do you manage and approach differences? What is needed to have synergy? How do you identify a dream? How do you elevate everyone to greater heights and inspire the people around you?.

Can you remember who you were, before the world told you how you should be.

The well-known pyramid of Lencioni offers a solid overview and helps to solidify goals.

Lencioni pays particular attention to five elements that are necessary to become a High Performing Team. On the left follow concepts that are necessary. On the right follow concepts that represent the absence of trust, positive conflicts, involvement, responsibility, and results.

Millenials don’t want to read the news anymore, the want to know what to do about it.

When the results fall short, we see that too often people look from the top down for a solution, whether or not the team takes responsibility. We believe the answer is to look bottom up, working on the foundation and on creating trust within a team so that invulnerability decreases and safety increases.

Speak up, believe in yourself, take risks.

Teams will develop the skills to resolve conflicts positively instead of creating an artificial harmony. Eventually, the route from bottom to top leads to an authentic development of both the team and the results.


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