What is a purpose and what makes it so important?

Increasingly, consumers are paying attention to the way companies conduct business, the origins of materials they use, the social circumstances in which the employees work and the environmental impact.

Transparency on this matter becomes a requirement. Organisations need to find, apply and propagate their intrinsic motivation to exist.



A purpose is about what you want to change in the world and how you contribute to this as an organisation. It goes beyond corporate social responsibility, where you contribute with the profits of your organisation. Purpose-driven organisations make a difference from their products or services.


Game Changers

Companies such as Patagonia, Tesla and Buurtzorg are the game changers. They prove that you can be a successful business from encompassing a strong purpose.


Moyee Coffee

That is also how Moyee coffee was founded. They realised that the coffee supply chain was off. Farmers get a fair price, but the profit on coffee is centred in Europe because this is where they burn the beans. Moyee started the first ever fair supply chain for coffee, champions of fair trade, they burn the coffee in Kenya so that the profits remain in the country.

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