Working with Millennials

Millenials: the young professionals of the future.

They are extremely self-aware, ‘differently’ ambitious, socially involved, networkers, averse to bureaucracy and hierarchical lines, multi-taskers and authentic. They are also demanding, insecure and sometimes impatient, self-defeating and apolitical.

In short, millennials are of great value to your organisation.

Millennials take a fresh look at their workplace and face blind spots and obstacles with open-mindedness.

The downside is that after a number of disappointing experiences, they exchange their open-mindedness for adapting to the status quo or decide to leave the organization again.

Speak up, believe in yourself, take risks.

Droomfabriek are experts at safe-guarding original talent in the best interest of your organisation.

In several companies (Achmea, Rabobank, Verkade, Kramp etc.) we supervise traineeships and personal leadership programs for young professionals with 0 to 5 years of work experience.


Development and Self-development

Development and self-development are  essential components for millennials. Just like flexibility and growth opportunities, young professionals want to be ‘meaningful’ In their work..

Millenials don’t want to read the news anymore, the want to know what to do about it.

Throughout the training participants grow into talents who are aware of their qualities and pitfalls. They know how to use these qualities, from their position, in an effective way to make a contribution that is greater than good job performance.


Pragmatic, Result-oriented and Experiential

The nature of the programs – which includes training, coaching, and intervision – are pragmatic, result-based and experiential.

The talent becomes aware of their inspiration, qualities, and motives. The training challenges the talent to make a visible difference within the organisation through a concrete project. Using personal qualities, dealing with the organisational culture and resistance, and staying creative in pursuing a goal are all important ingredients for the learning process.

Can you remember who you were, before the world told you how you should be.

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