Rabobank SPOT

Rabobank SPOT is the career trajectory of all cooperating Rabobanks and stands for: Strategic Program Development Talents.

The point of this trajectory is not to work at a job, but to create a career within one of the most robust and creditworthy banks in the Netherlands.

The SPOT trajectory is actively followed by young professionals with ambition, people who have the drive and want to move forward. The SPOT-talents stand out because of their broad outlook and their ability to convince and inspire others.

I grew in the knowledge of “not knowing everything.

We support young professionals with 2 to 5 years of work experience. The young talents are challenged to make an impact through a self-determined project during the 6 day program. They learn to stand behind their good ideas, to deal with internal and external resistance, to find the right ‘peers’ in the organisation and to grow in their leadership. How to dealing with the changing culture, caused by big movements in the financial world, is also an integral part of the program.

By changing my attitude, everything changed.

Reactions from participants:

“The Droomfabriek offered me a total package, which helped me a lot.

The diversity and variety of coaching, intervision, group discussions, exercises etc. worked very well for me and provided a complete program that remained interesting and challenging. I did not expect to get so much out of it.”


“I have become much more aware of my attitude and behaviour, especially during conversations and meetings. I have learnt that you can enter a conversation in different ways and can change roles during the conversation. I do not have to worry when I do not know something just yet. I can also stand up for myself without directly starting a confrontation. I have experienced it as very useful, inspiring and practice-oriented.”


“The trainers have something familiar by nature. They lead the students into the exercises, and sometimes also make themselves part of the group, they provide a pleasant environment in which everyone can make contact. In my opinion, this has contributed to openness in the group. Good mutual contacts have also arisen in a short period of time, personal subjects are shared outside of work situations, and the effect of the exercises are high. The trainers had the quality to recognise the right examples/words that helped me without knowing too much about the specific situation. In addition, an atmosphere has been created whereby I (and I suspect the others too) dared to expose myself more than I would normally do and because of this, I have the feeling that I have made the most of the meetings.”


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