Stegeman produces and sells meats, dry sausage, spreads, and snacks.

In 1858 the Stegeman butchers was founded in Deventer. In 2008 they became part of Campofrio Food Group, 1 of the 5 biggest meat processing companies in the world. Stegeman owns an establishment in Deventer and Wijhe with around 550 employees.


Meat Deserves Attention

In 2015 it became clear to the board from Stegeman:

We need a higher goal. Who do we want to be, apart from the chaos we see all around us? Together we went looking for the purpose of Stegeman. We dove into the history of Stegeman, we took a look at the ‘inconvenient truth’ like the footprint of meat and expressed our dreams and values.

During the tough times, a higher purpose is needed to make it through.

This journey brought us to the core value:

“Meat deserves attention.”

This means honest attention for the well-being of the animal, attention for the preparation and the craftsmanship, attention for what you put in, attention for not wasting any parts of the animal, attention for the packaging. In short, attention for every part of the process Stegeman is involved.

The cultural side of change is more so important than the cost and organisational side.

Innovation in the Industry

Innovation results in retailers approaching Stegeman differently. They no longer view Stegeman as exclusively a meat processor, but more like  the visionaries behind the future of the meat industry. The employees get their perspective listened to and become actively involved in the development.

A significant change in culture happened at Stegeman;

a company with a bright and purposeful future was reclaimed.

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