Love as my Purpose

I want to contribute to more love around me. I make people aware, I inspire, and connect to let them be more compassionate about ourselves, each other, and our environment. I experience daily that love (for the customer, your colleagues, etc), and trust is the key to sustainable team and organizational success.

Source of inspiration

My disabled son Sam, who barely speaks. He is very present, makes a lot of noise. Sometimes even aggressive lately, out of frustration. He is also creative, sweet, and super funny. We often laugh about crazy stuff. He lives full throttle. His behavior challenges me almost every day. Sam keeps me in the here and now.



Of my colleagues. What we stand for and what we DO with De Droomfabriek. The vision, mission, and values ​​we share. The connection we have with each other, with our goals and our customers. That's just a daily joy


What concerns me

What social media, gaming, the continuous external distraction, and fake news do to us as humans. How this will manifest itself in the generation of my, now-adolescent, children. That is something I can really worry about regularly.

"Do not fight, flee,

freeze. Dance with your fears and take a step"

Tjerk Lerou

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