Leadership Development

A lot of companies are experiencing that change and complexity is steadily increasing. That means that leaders have to trust more and more in the ability of their employees.

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The purpose is not something you decide. You find it.

We help organisations find their purpose, and as a result social impact, profit and employees grow. Finding a purpose takes time. The process requires research, reflection, and exchange of experience.

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Team Development

We are great with teams. We are aware that teams are formed of diverse individuals that work together towards a larger aim. We know how you can become and remain a high performing team, how to be capable of performing under pressure and producing efficient results while simultaneously individuals remain integral to the team.

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Motivation Behind Change

We are here for the ones that are ahead of the curve and the ones that dare to think differently, the front-runners. We are here for the ones that want to make a difference in their jobs and life, for the ones that prefer to make ambitious choices and for the ones that are prepared to be the first to take action.

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Transforming your Organisation

We made our name by embracing ambitious changes. Impactful changes that require leadership and involve employees, with their attitude and behaviour, are imperative to achieve the desired result.

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We empower changemakers to have a positive impact on our world

Working with the dandelion effect

Our starting point: Change has the preference to behave as a positive virus when you meet the right circumstances. If you are capable of following this natural tendency in your approach to change, you will notice that you can quickly set people in motion, and achieve exceptional results.

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Our masterplan

We believe that every person is intrinsically motivated to improve the world. Organisations have the potential to make a difference in the world. They can end poverty, inequality and climate change.

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Purpose Day 2018

Purpose Day is built to inspire, connect and accelerate you. Companies that are driven by a higher purpose are emerging.

More about Purpose Day

Inspirational journey: Taste the future in Berlin.

Berlin is a time machine; you can already taste everything that is possible and where the developments are heading.

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Your voice can change the world

Barack Obama

Working with Millennials

Millennials: The young professionals of the future. They are extremely self-aware, 'differently' ambitious, socially involved, networkers, averse to bureaucracy and hierarchical lines, multi-taskers and authentic.

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Purpose Day: Mud Jeans

“Mud Jeans originated from a desire to create jeans out of sustainable cotton. Annually 24 billion kilos of cotton is produced. Farming cotton takes large amounts of water and takes up a quarter of the pesticides for just this market.

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Organisational purpose empowers strategy, innovation, leadership and company culture.

A lot of organisations are trying to get even better. Not only do they want better financial results...

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They’re good at realising unyielding growth.


What is a purpose and what makes it so important?

Increasingly, consumers are paying attention to the way companies conduct business, the origin of materials they use, the social circumstances in which employees work and the environmental impact.

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Kwetsbaarheid begint met moed. Moed om er te zijn en jezelf te laten zien.

Brene Brown

In Search of the frontrunners

What is playing through your head when you start a company named the ‘Dreamfactory’? At least a few ambitious ideas about making a difference in the world must have been thought by founder and owner Ralph Zebregs.

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Be the change you want to see in the world

Mahatma Ghandi

Our Location

De Droomfabriek is situated in a unique location. In the centre of the Netherlands, on the moor, in the village of Radio Kootwijk near Apeldoorn. After a short walk from the parking lot, you will see our historical Building C.

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Purpose Day: The Dutch Weed Burger

It could be that you as a company do not have a purpose at all. The danger arises that the concept will hold no meaning and will erode. To manage that, the message is, to stay sincere. I think it is a great thing that this movement just keeps on growing.

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We’re the driving force behind ambitious changes

We are on a mission

The Droomfabriek stands for a purpose-driven economy. There is growing interest in organisations that pursue a higher goal.

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You effect the world by what you browse

Tim Berners Lee

The dream factory increases the impact of your ideas

Defining a purpose takes courage. Are you ready?

We gladly take your organisation on a purposeful journey, in which we teach you how to grow your social impact, profit margin, and employees.

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Imagination is more important than knowledge

Albert Einstein

Purpose Day: Takecarebnb

Just go and do it, and do it together. Do it together with newcomers, that is our vision. We work closely with our target audience, respond to a clear demand, continue to listen to a changing need and keep considering how to move forward.

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The Droomfabriek has a branch in Berlin.

We are in Berlin because we want to situate there. Berlin, as a European city filled with start-ups, gives a view of future organisational forms. The city is in a permanent state of renewal.

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The impact of being purpose driven has a fundamental effect on the whole organisation

Ernst&Young calculated the impact that purpose-driven organisations have.

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The time is always right

Martin Luther King jr.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing

Helen Keller