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Personal Purpose 

I dream of a world of collaborative systems in which profitability and the the right to exist go hand in hand. I also believe that in this world it is as much about membership as it is about leadership and that regardless of rank or status, everyone contributes equally to the system. My meaningful contribution is that I connect people with each other and open up perspectives out of sincere interest, and I do not shy away the point of pain. Side-by-side we go on a journey to realize the impact that we cannot achieve on our own.

My inspiration 

The tremendous beauty you can find in nature. From the cellular level to entire ecosystems; its unprecedented complexity, coherence, aesthetics, design, and resilience.


Proud of my impact

I was proud when a client thanked me for the way I had touched him by the way I had brought people back together again in a chain of teams and taught them how to move mountains together with fun and abrasion.

What concerns me?

That everything and everyone is always connected, but we want to structure everything and put it in a box


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'Dream about your future, start your journey today and dance in the moment'

Sigrid Smeele

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