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create unstoppable momentum by activating front runners



the organization

“There has really been a change from within.

So surprising. So exciting."

- DSM Resins & Functional Materials

“There has really been change from within.

So surprising. So exciting."

- DSM Resins & Functional Materials

What we often hear ...

“As an organization, we have a clear vision and strategy. But we notice that activating the organization (read: putting it into practice) is difficult.


Communicating vision and strategy does not produce the desired momentum in the organization. Converting a strategy to a department, unit, or team level sparks a lot of resistance and/or does not 'take off'.


We are looking for a different approach that really gets the organization moving and results in concrete initiatives. An inspiring approach that matches people's personal interests to the direction in which we, as an organization, want to move."


Leaders/leadership teams who want to convert the organizational vision and/or strategy into the desired momentum and concrete steps.


Our DroomFabriek Approach

Activating change in an organization follows the same patterns by which a change in nature takes place. That means new or different behavior never manifests itself for the entire system at the same time. A sustainable, lasting change starts with a few small changes at first, grows in size over time, until they gradually 'infect' the entire population.

Aiming for a 'big bang' to shape a new vision/strategy (for example by training all employees) is therefore not only very expensive but also very ineffective.


De Droomfabriek offers a pioneering program that brings together your 'innovators' and 'early adopters'. They are guided not only to think about how the vision/strategy can be translated into daily practice, but also to implement those plans and ideas themselves.

In a 5 or 6 day program, groups of around 15 pioneers and innovators are introduced to the following elements: 

  • Connecting as a group and exploring the organization's change context

  • Discovering personal motives, linking them to vision/strategy, and formulating a personal initiative, focused on your own daily work.

  • Expanding the initiative and taking the first concrete steps

  • Learning from feedback & growing the initiative

  • Defining and looking for 'followers': colleagues who help to expand and strengthen the initiative

  • Maintaining & embedding the created momentum: how can I hand over my initiative to someone else so that I can start a new initiative?


Participation in a front runner program is voluntary, and the front runners mainly select themselves. Experience shows that the first front runner groups initiate the following groups. They motivate their colleagues with their initiatives and because they invite others to participate as 'followers'. The 'followers' of previous groups often become participants in follow-up groups.

While the first front runner groups have a free hand to start working on any theme that fits the new vision/strategy, in time the front runners can be provided with a better frame of focus. This makes it possible to manage priorities within a vision/strategy.


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