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personal coaching

our coaching challenges you: confrontational, personal and goal-oriented


Your coaching gets to the essence. It is focused, intimate, and sometimes confrontational.

It has helped me enormously to overcome inertia and to keep moving

For ...

Employees, new talent, specialists, team managers, senior managers, management, chairmen, directors, supervisors, entrepreneurs, who want to take an essential step in their development.

What we often hear ...

The coaching issues we are approached for are very diverse and mainly involve the desire to function more powerfully and effectively at work and/or private life.

"I have been struggling with a few professional and/or personal issues for a while, and I am looking for a knowledgeable (practical) experienced coach. Can you help me with that?"

In short, you are ready to take a critical look in the mirror with the help of a coach. To (re)discover who you are, how you give meaning to your function/role/life, where you stand now, and where you are heading, requires you to pause and reflect.


Our Droomfabriek approach

One of the success factors in the coaching process is the relationship between the coach and client.
We therefore attach great importance to the matching process, and would like to invite you to a personal intake interview. During this interview we will become better acquainted and see there is a 'click' and a fit. We will explore and formulate your learning requirements and will discuss the design and approach of the coaching process.


Your development goals are always central in this process; not the methodology. In the coaching dialogues we like to tie in to your individual concerns and what has occurred in the previous period. During the dialogues you will experience your learning requirement, you will have insights and we will provide you with concrete handholds to practice with on the job.


We do not believe in learning you 'tricks' but challenge you to become the best version of yourself, and we thereby gladly make an enduring contribution to your professional and personal development.


In order to achieve this, we will share all of our our knowledge and methodology with you (including NLP, Voice Dialogue, TA, RET, Systemic Family, and Organizational Constellation Work) and all our accumulated experience (life and work) with our own personal touch.

Individual coaching themes include;

  • increasing (personal) effectiveness

  • leading changes

  • communicating effectively, with impact

  • controlling or leading

  • confidence and firmness

  • meaning, vitality and job satisfaction

  • limiting, connecting and creating momentum

  • profiling and increasing visibility

  • impact and influence/intention and effect

  • from impotence to strength

  • career and ambition

  • dealing with change, setting limits

  • work/life balance and reason/emotion

  • from being led to taking the lead


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