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young professionals

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They created an atmosphere that made me dare to expose myself more. That made me feel like I got the most out of the sessions.

- participant young professional program NS

What we often hear...

We see a recurring pattern and challenges for the organization and young talent.

The central questions are often: how do you utilize and develop the potential and innovative power of young talent? How do you make the open-mindedness of young talent best work for the itself and the organization?


The challenge that every young talent faces is; to what degree can I maintain my own uniqueness and open-mindedness? And to what extent do I want to adapt to the "standard" of the organization?

Young talent has the ability to take a fresh look at their new workplace and to approach blind spots and hobby-horses with an open mind. The downside is that after a number of disappointing experiences, they trade their open-mindedness for adaptation to the status quo - or they decide to leave the organization. In either case, both the organization and talent lose out.


We believe that it is possible to respect what has already been achieved, while retaining individuality and open-mindedness.

When it comes to the development of young talent, their mental capacities are often a step ahead of the rest. The development of young people through education has mainly focused on the mind; the cognitive aspects. The development of reason has earned them rewards, often in the form of grades or the more binary passing or failing an exam. Their own personal development has often received less attention. Young talent tends to solve problems in their early careers by focusing on the content of the work.

Inviting young talent to see the value of both the mental capacities and other aspects is an important key to being more successful. This starts very close to home, mainly by getting to know themselves better, and on a different level. That is exciting and fun at the same time. By involving them in the right way, both discomfort and curiosity come into play.



Every organization that wants to involve and develop their young talent.


Our Droomfabriek approach

We believe that (young) talent is vital for organizations. They present a unique, fresh, and innovative perspective on existing problems and challenges. That provides a lot of energy, for both the (young) talent and the more established order - if their potential is utilized.

We understand the perception of this talent, of this generation. What drives them? How do they view themselves and the organization? What do they expect from their managers?

After years of experience at various organizations including NS, BAM, Achmea, Verkade, and Rabobank, we now have a clear picture of the issues  that (young) talent faces within larger organizations.

“Our programs are about personal development and actually DOING something with this talent and potential within the organization. That is the strength of De Droomfabriek. By actually doing, a creative process is started in which the participant is challenged to realize what he/she finds important in the organization. Deploying talent, learning to understand the organizational context, involving colleagues, dealing with resistance, perseverance, etc. These are the relevant aspects of learning for us. And this creates talents who, based on their own convictions, stand for what they believe is important, while at the same time being in touch with organization (and its goals). These people become wildly attractive, their energy becomes "contagious" in a positive way; especially their deeds.


We work according to the following four principles

  1. working from desire: matching the talent's ambition and motivation 

  2. pragmatic: insights and practical models that create awareness of existing problems and challenges

  3. working with excitement: when it gets exciting, it becomes interesting and there is a chance of making an actual breakthrough.

  4. experiential learning: we learn by experience, by using more than just our head and talking about it. Our approach and learning methods are aimed at creating experiences, provoking feelings/emotions and making them part of the exchange and conversation.


Our starting point in developing the trainee or young professional program, is that the personal leadership section greatly enhances how young talent functions. Personal leadership has the power to act as a multiplier.


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