'Achieving an 8+ customer experience together'

Mohamed Baba

former Director, Woonbron

(now chairman of the board of Haag Wonen)


Woonbron is one of the leading housing associations in the Netherlands. After a radical change in the organizational structure, Woonbron has set its ambition on, among other things, an 8+ customer experience. Director at Woonbron and responsible for Cultuurkracht, the overarching culture transition program, was Mohamed Baba: ' In order to realize our strong ambitions with the new matrix organization, we had to create a culture with cooperation, ownership, and daring to address each other as the three leading values. In 2019 we wanted to express those values ​​in the capillaries of the organization. '

The culture of an organization is a reflection of the beliefs and behavior of its leaders. A cultural change must therefore also start there. Woonbron asked De Droomfabriek to develop and supervise a Leadership and Team Development program, with the three cultural values as guidance.


Mohamed : 'Partly due to the discussions with De Droomfabriek, we realized that we, as the board/management had to take the first step. We chose De Droomfabriek because they dared to be critical and did not shy away from confrontation '

Woonbron's challenge

Realizing a cultural transition in a new organizational structure to create new fresh energy and to achieve solid ambitions.


Example behavior is necessary for a culture change. A leadership and team development program for all management teams (MT) with the Board/Management leading the way. In an interactive, intensive, connecting, and also confrontational way, leadership and improved cooperation, ownership, and addressing behavior were worked on. Both in and between the different management teams (MTs).

The tailor-made program took about three months per team and consisted of the following elements:

  • 360-degree feedback assessment for every management and MT member

  • Personal interview

  • Team assessment

  • Team intake, focus program on the team's needs

  • Team two days, with each MT working on individual, team, and organization

  • Return day (s), reflect on the initiated movement and take the next steps forward

The program consists of a combination of our services in the field of organizational development and culture transformation, team development, and leadership development.


The result
The management and all 11 MTs have completed the L&T program.

'De Droomfabriek has been particularly successful in continuously connecting to the sometimes large differences between the MTs in terms of content and dynamics from a basic program,' says Mohamed. Partly because of this, the impact on each team and therefore on the cultural transition for Woonbron is so significant. We have taken an important step with tangible and measurable results. The impact is still noticeable. "

Wanna know more?

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