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My Purpose

I uncover underlying patterns and dreams of individuals, teams, and organizations with humor and a sharp eye. In so doing, I aim to bring people into contact with themselves, with each other and with their ambitions. The stronger the connection, the more happiness, positive impact, and meaningful results.


Beach and sea inspire
What inspires me is being outdoors, especially at the beach and the sea: open, fresh, and always moving. Especially on bleak and stormy days, I find inspiration there.


What concerns me

What concerns me is that we are able to do incredible things and yet we don't seem to be able to rapidly transform this world into a beautiful place for everyone. Which is why I am committed to inspiring people to convert make this great ambition to a small one: by starting with yourself.

Proud of the small

I am proud to enjoy the little things around me. Enjoy and have a good laugh with my family, friends, and colleagues. I am proud of the impact I can and may make with the Droomfabriek: small and large, meaningful changes in people, teams and organizations.


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#team development # teams as leverage for organizational change #transformation #leadership # connected-confrontation


"Achieve meaningful impact with humor and clarity"

Marius Maljers

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