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Founded in 2000...

De Droomfabriek was founded by Ralph Zebregs (picture) on the first of September in 2000. In his experience, training agencies paid too little attention to the specific organizational challenges, and consultancies too little for the human side of change. Challenged by a previous employer, he founded

De Droomfabriek to combine

these two perspectives.

Big clients get connected 

In early 2004, the Droomfabriek grew into a triumvirate. Bigger assignments from Philips, Unilever, and the Tax Authorities, among others, were acquired. The Bottom-up program was created for the Tax and Customs Administration: a successful activation program, the core of which is used by De Droomfabriek to this day. Over the years, the Droomfabriek continued to grow organically.

Unique location

In 2006 the dream of a unique and private location came to existence. A location that would support and strengthen the Droomfabriek's guidance processes. In 2008 this location was found in the form of a short wave transmission building in Radio Kootwijk. Since those first years, there has been good cooperation and a warm relationship with our landlord Staatsbosbeheer. 

foto ralph.png

Growth: guidance of young professionals in their development and organizations in difficult times

More new people joined and, among others, the Young Dream Factory was established. That was the beginning of a series of trainee programs we still provide for renowned Dutch companies. In the times of crisis from 2008 onwards, the Droomfabriek proved to be of lasting value to guide people and organizations in difficult times. For example, we have helped factories of Unilever and Philips close humanely by providing answers through a dream and not out of struggle.


Continuing as a coöperation


At the beginning of 2018, the Droomfabriek renewed itself. Our dream and values ​​have remained intact, but our own organization has been overhauled. We have changed from a partnership into a cooperative. Some people left, some stayed and new members have joined. Our special location remains our home base with renewed energy. And we are still working with our customers to make the world

a bit more beautiful.



B Corp certified

De Droomfabriek is B Corp certified since March 14 2024. The B Global Network transforms the economie towards well-being for all people, communities and the planet.
And we participate in that movement.

Read more our why we certified.

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