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Realizing complex issues and meaningful development ideas on your own is less fun and less successful.


Multiple approaches and supplementing expertise to something greater than the sum of its parts is why we always look for cooperation with customers, but also with partners.


We share insights and enrich each other's services.

Because together we are stronger and we use each other's strength, and therefore our impact

MVO Netherlands

MVO Netherlandshas launched The New Business Agenda, which is linked to seven themes that are made measurable by means of the New Economy Index (NEx).


De Droomfabriek is working together with MVO Nederland to develop a logical and activating change model around the theme of 'New Wealth'.


We are pooling our expertise and working together to bring the transition to the new economy to a tipping point.

MVO Nederland logo_edited_edited.jpg


Together with entrepreneurs, MVO Nederland forms a movement to shape the new economy.

Business Cartooning - Hans-Jan Rijbering

We often use visualization during our processes. By capturing things in images in addition to writing, other and creative parts of the brain are activated during development processes. The core is hit and caught.

An image says more than 1000 words: To stimulate dialogue and collective thinking and make it tangible, we often visually record strategy-determining meetings. The visual report will therefore serve as a basis for sharing and passing on dream images and ambitions in a larger context, so that the vision comes to life and is embraced and made concrete by more and more people.We often do this in collaboration withBusiness Cartooning.

logo Hans-Jan Business Cartooning_edited



Business Cartooning helps organizations with visualization.


Our beautiful outdoor office, in the literal and figurative sense of the word, is owned by Staatsbosbeheer.


Together with them, we ensure that this unique broadcasting building in Radio Kootwijk is preserved and maintained, with respect for nature and the environment.


In addition, we help each other where necessary and we also regularly receive large groups in the iconic building A, aka 'the Cathedral'.



Staatsbosbeheer manages the green heritage of the Netherlands; 273,000 hectares of nature that we protect, that you can experience and that we use sustainably together with and for others.

Theater makers Radio Kootwijk

Our other neighbours,TMRK, who make beautiful theater performances at the intersection of work, life and love. We enrich our processes and programs with their inspiring ingredients where necessary or appropriate. To give a different kind of impulse.


The power that a performance has; we put you in a parallel world in which we inspire, challenge, make you think and let you experience and feel things while you look at them. What is really of value? What is leadership in 2021? Bringing dormant things to the light….

TMRK Logo-Zwart-Web.png


TMRK makes high-profile theater performances, often at the intersection of work, life and love. Unique are the performances that are made in close collaboration with organizations for their audience.

Crossing Wildlife

The Droomfabriek participates in this activating community that works according to tribal principles.


Multidisciplinary strength is bundled to contribute to solving complex societal challenges.

overstekend wild logo_edited.jpg

Crossing Wild is a close-knit tribe of professionals

People from the strategic, creative and digital domain. We are there for those who want things to be different and are looking for ways to do things differently.

Dream Builders

Dream Builders was started by Droomfabriekpartner Tjerk Lerou. With DroomBouwers we encourage to dream, create and discover together, because we experience that this has both a positive individual and social impact. 

We do this with as diverse a group of people as possible from all kinds of backgrounds who dare to embark on the journey with themselves and each other.  

We believe date you a more resilient, decisive and becomes a more joyful person when you know how to realize your dreams.



Dream Buildersis a social initiative that offers inspiring programs and places where dreaming together is central. Whether your dream is big or simple, clear or vague. Everyone is welcome.

Louis Grevenis our highly valued house photographer. 

Lode is a true professional, a co-creator who thinks along with us, who continues to innovate and is always up for an experiment.

His photo shoots are kind of an outing for us! ;-) 

logo Lode Greven_edited.png


Advertising - Food - Editorial - Travel

Anna Grande 

Congruent Leadership and sailing on your own authenticity. To activate this, to increase awareness of your influence on others and to act in the moment, we regularly use horse coaching. Clear body language, personal leadership and effectively relate to what presents itself and give an adequate response is what we teach leaders with this. Because horses mirror purely without judgement.

We often do this withAnn Grande

Logo Anna Grande_edited.jpg


Horses are masters at recognizing nonverbal behavior. Our communication consists of 80% non-verbal behaviour. That's why horses can read us so well

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