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creating a high-performing team that is completely familiar with each other and the ambition


“We chose De Droomfabriek because they dared to be critical

and did not shy away from confrontation. "

- Woonbron

“There has really been change from within.

So surprising. So exciting."

- DSM Resins & Functional Materials


Boards and management teams that want to become high-performing, and want to work together with a feeling of connection and familiarity with each other and their ambitions.

What we often hear ...

“Our board/management team feels that there is untapped potential in the team and wants to grow into a high-performing team in its leadership role. This is necessary in order to be able to mobilize the organization with more energy and focus.

We want to strengthen our mutual connection. We need to create a clear, mutually experienced and understood image of our desired future as a team and as an organization. We want to establish an effective approach to change. And together develop a practical translation thereof that has significance for how we operate as a team. Both from an internal perspective (how do we operate jointly as a team) and from an external perspective (how do we fulfill our leadership roles). "


Our DroomFabriek Approach

In a team development program, lasting several days, we will guide your team through a variety of perspectives. The program is always tailored to suit your needs, in co-creation with you and your organization.

Experience has shown us that the following components are often part of the program:

Determining the collective starting point as a team and that of the individual members
In order to develop healthily, it is important to know where you currently are. You can learn from your collective past: what have we experienced in our organization? And from your individual past: what have I experienced as an individual? Which patterns do we recognize therein and what comes to mind?

Focus your team on a rewarding perspective for yourselves and for the organization
There is usually a sufficiently substantive vision of the organization's future. The added value often lies in a dialogue regarding the question: how do you want to operate as a team/organization? The 'how' includes the personal drive/energy needed to really get moving and adjust existing  behavior/patterns. An important element in this is the 'purpose' component, which provides energy and direction, both at the personal and organizational level.

Determining the leverage you will need to apply and the approach to change
Using past insights and a promising perspective, we will formulate the main leverage that will facilitate achieving the vision. Leverage consists of both team and organizational aspects.
We also formulate an approach to change: how do you believe you can achieve sustainable (lasting) change?

Clarifying your leadership role and principles
What challenges do the formulated levers and the chosen change approach present in your leadership role? Which dilemmas will you have to solve, and does your vision offer enough guidance to make choices?

Practically giving substance and meaning to the steps that you will take individually and as a team
The actual change is in the doing. After all: the only way to learn how to do something is to do it! By making practical agreements with each other about matters that will be picked up/decided/changed/communicated and coming back to them during follow-up sessions, we accelerate learning and doing within your team.


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