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They are good at creating irreparable growth

- Unilever


We believe that meaningful  organizations make the world a better place and that they provide the ideal leverage for achieving such change. We take organizations and teams on a challenging journey to discover and mobilize their purpose. We inspire. We discover together. We focus on the people who want to move forward and help these 'change makers' grow so that others are invited to participate.


Teams are crucial for change in an organization. A high performing team generates impact in a meaningful way for team members. This yields concrete results for the organization and vitality for the team members. We support teams to help them create a foundation of trust, based on which confrontational discussions are not avoided. But serve as the starting point for involvement, creativity and growth. This results in teams where focus, responsibility and accountability lead to ambitious results.

an effective approach

for purposeful change

Anker Organisaties Aanpak
Anker Teams Aanpak

Our fast and continuously changing world requires a new kind of leadership. Leaders who know themselves, who are authentic, who have a vision, and who can translate this vision into the here and now. Our programs are focused on learning and experiencing what it is like to provide guidance and freedom, to provide support and maintain consistency. To discover and enhance your own potential and to recognize the potential of others, and convert it into personal growth and concrete results.

Anker Leiderschap Aanpak
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