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If you ask me, we live in one of the most fascinating times in history. We see that many old systems and structures are crumbling and at the same time the new ones have yet to unfold. I find this process immensely interesting.

Personal purpose

This time invites us to live our full potential. I believe that the transition to a new economy and society starts with individual people who believe that things should be done differently and will do them differently. These are the people and organizations I would like to guide towards a brighter future.


Proud of

That I quit my job in 2011 and started following my heart. That started with a 6-month journey and then my entrepreneurial adventure began. A choice that I am happy with to this day.


What keeps me going

The world I leave to my daughters. It touches me to see how we as people interact with each other and our living environment. I believe that we are capable of much more and I want to contribute to positive change in my own way.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Wiebe Bakker


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#DriverBetekenisEconomy #connector #enabler #CommunityBuilder Certified Wim Hof method instructor

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