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You keep surprising me what you always do with this team. Never leave this team.

- Nike

For ...

Teams that want to achieve their shared goals fully aligned and in flow again.

What we often hear ...

“How can we connect better and get up to speed?


We are a successful team, but how do we get to the next level that is needed to keep growing and achieve our goals?


On the surface, everything seems okay, but there are tensions between members that are not talked about, how do we discuss them?


Everyone in the team has their own shop, how can we join forces? How do we convert our operational goals into a joint strategy?"

Our Droomfabriek approach

We will work with you. Not according to a standard program, but tailored to your situation, needs, and challenges. At any time we will adjust a program if necessary.


Our programs provide a lot of energy, but it is not always comfortable. The comfort zone is exactly where you don't want to be if you want to grow.


We challenge you to show ambition and to formulate goals sharply. Both on a team and an individual level, because a team only develops if the team members develop individually.


Trust is the foundation. We slow down, create peace, and a safe environment to give space to the real conversation. To pronounce and discuss what lies beneath the surface.


We are also keen on the task you have as a team and the role and responsibilities of each team member to contribute to it: substantive, process-based, and relational. It is not without obligation. After all, you are a team because you want to achieve a result.


The best teams and organizations have a high degree of psychological safety and set high goals for which they hold each other accountable.


We also consider the context. As a team, you are part of a larger whole. What is the end goal or purpose to which you contribute as a team? We provide insights and practical resources to increase the impact on the environment.

Through our approach, we ensure teams that work in a result-oriented manner and who are connected to their environment.

Teams consisting of committed self-aware team members who know where their strengths and weaknesses lie and are open about it. Teams who take that responsibility and hold each other accountable in a constructive way. Who help each other develop and in this way develop their teams towards even better results.

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