Personal Purpose  

I am against political ignorance and for sustainability intelligence. My purpose is to think consciously about what we eat and how we spend our money, I challenge myself with this, and I also inspire others to leave the smallest possible footprint on our planet.

My Inspiration Sources

My sources of inspiration are so many that I cannot possibly share them all, but my tip is: audiobooks or podcasts when you are on the road, an inspiration for our inner journey.

And I'm a fan of Jay Shetty.



Of my family consisting of my husband, and three children. Nice to see how we grow bigger together, literally and figuratively, I am very grateful for that.

What concerns me?

How do we ensure that we all find love again for the earth and all its inhabitants? How can we turn climate crises into bloom again?

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happy thoughts, and you’ll be fine'

Jos Schaafsma