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for meaningful change

Hidden on the moor, behind ancient native forests, far from long meetings, continuous deadlines and 549 unread emails


There is a unique place. 
A place where you can dream.
Where you may not even know.
Where you discover new paths. With each other.
For the future. A future with meaning.
A loving place where you can safely stand still...

...and then continues to pack. 
Experiment! To work! Action!

Hit it with new energy. 


Welcome to The Dream Factory. 

A place where meaningful dreams are converted into great deeds. New insights are gained together. Polite, lived and intensely felt.


Our view on



We believe that organizations and their leaders are an important key to creating a meaningful society. What value does your organization add and what is the impact you want to make? 

We slow down, deepen and inspire. We provide a safe base and create awareness. 


We guide organizations, teams and leaders in taking ownership to make a difference.

We activate, facilitate, coach and challenge.

We provide movement and create visible impact. 
We have been doing this successfully for leading organizations for 20 years. Based on proven programs and approaches. Inspirational and hands-on. 

Always in co-creation with you, as a customer.
Because only then will it become authentic, special and impactful.


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