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Converting the purpose into appealing goals and a realistic plan of action


Realizing irreparable growth, that's what they are good at.

- Unilever

What we often hear...

“We have a clear focus on our purpose, our 'why'/vision. What we have more difficulty with is how to translate this into appealing goals. How to make a good and realistic plan of this. And how we can communicate this to the rest of the organization.  


How great would it be if we could make the people in our organization so enthusiastic with appealing and realistic plans that they naturally want to get started with this.”

The Dream Factory Approach

Starting from a beautiful and meaningful purpose, we set to work to develop it into appealing goals and a clear plan with concrete steps. 
There are four major organizational themes (Ken Wilber) that need specific attention. 
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Together we will determine very concretely, for all four themes, what we want to achieve and how we are going to achieve it. With priorities, responsibilities and important milestones.
We will also display your goals in numbers that can be communicated to the rest of the organization in an appealing way. For example, the 0-15-100 strategy (zero waste; 15% growth and 100% openness) or the 5-50-500 strategy (5 countries, 50 products and 500 customers).
There are many powerful ways to communicate this well to all stakeholders. We work out a form with you that suits you and has impact. 
A form that works very well is based on a drawing that contains the entire vision. This can be supported with a 'game' that involves everyone in a very interactive way and that lands the vision with the objectives very well.



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For leaders / leadership teams who are responsible for determining the direction of their organization (unit).


In 2 weeks we arrive at a realistic plan of action, appealing, substantiated, concrete and numerical.

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