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Love as my Purpose

I want to contribute to more love around me. I wake up, inspire and connect people to be more aware and compassionate with themselves, each other and with their environment. 

Sam as an inspiration

My handicapped son Sam, who barely talks. He is very present, makes a lot of noise. Lately sometimes even aggressive. Out of frustration. He is also creative, sweet and super funny. We often laugh our ass off. His 'dark, heavy' side challenges me daily. Sam keeps me in the here and now.


Proud of us

To my colleagues. On what we stand for and what we do with De Droomfabriek. The vision and values that we share. The connection we have with each other, with our goals and our customers. That's just a party.


What concerns me

What social media, gaming, the constant external distraction and fake news do to us as humans. How this will soon manifest itself in the generation of my, now pubescent, children. That's something that really bothers me on a regular basis.


'If life gives
you riddles,
turn them
into art'

Tjerk Lerou


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