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'The Dream Factory was functional,

effective en 

very involved'

Joshua van Eindhoven

CEO / Founder

Voja questions

  • A startup in which three friends work together. (how does that work?

  • Is a founder also the right person to guide the startup to the next step?

  • How does the organization grow from high maintenance to a high performance culture?

De Droomfabriek has been guiding Voja since 2018. Founder Joshua van Eijndhoven says the following about this: We experience the approach of the DroomFabriek as situational, functional, effective and very involved. They guide us in an insightful, inspiring way. With their broad experience and expertise, they make the difference for us. Whether it's to stop an employee's starting burnout, leadership development, or to help us as a board take the next step as a team.  In short, we have come to know De Droomfabriek as very knowledgeable and versatile business coaches who, with their extensive experience and expertise in many areas, have managed to make a difference for our organization and employees.

The result
It is great to see that the organization has grown from 3 FTE to 12 FTE in a short time with a growing number of destinations. The Droomfabriek played an important role for us as a board and all employees at crucial moments. De Droomfabriek still coaches and guides Voja travel.


Voja travel was founded in 2017. Voja travel wants to make travel fair. Traveling is wonderful. It connects, it creates freedom, it ensures self-development. But there are also disadvantages to it.


Flying creates CO2 emissions. And travel money largely goes to multinationals and hardly ever to the local population. Voja travel changes this and creates journeys that are good for the traveller, the planet and the locals.

They do this by purchasing on a small scale and directly from the suppliers at the destination. By employing people locally, training them and paying them fairly and investing in local projects. But also by offsetting CO2. 


De Droomfabriek, guided Voja travel with a number of fundamental and challenging issues in the field of people, team and organization.


Knowing more?

Do you want to know more about this case or do you have a similar question? Please contact Harry or Jos.

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